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Base Academy of Music is non-profit music organization who makes starting to learn a musical instrument accessible and affordable for urban youth because we believe music education is a reason and means to succeed.

Our mission

We teach the foundations of music to urban youth to help them see their God given potential and succeed in school and beyond.

Our Story

Base Academy of Music began as a simple dream. Clint Velazquez, a private music instructor for over 10 years, began to imagine what it could look like to teach music closer to home in Kansas City, MO and impact the lives of youth living in the urban core. Availability and accessibly to music programs and affordable private lessons in the area were limited. For many wanting to learn, getting started was the hardest part. In 2011 Velazquez began volunteering at Gordon Parks Elementary, teaching an afterschool music program and getting to know local students and their parents. Through teaching he learned about their interest in music and the parents’ expressed desire to see a venue for their children to develop with skilled music teachers and use their talents in positive and creative ways.


BAM was officially formed in 2013 as a nonprofit organization in the state of Missouri. We believe music education is a vital part of a complete education and students who want to study music should be able to, regardless of the community they live in or their economic status. We know the lessons learned in music help to develop us into competent, contributing members of our communities. BAM works to lower the barriers urban youth face when wanting to begin to study music or take their study further. The organization will provide private and group lessons, in addition to after school programs and small ensembles to the students of the KCMO school district. We desire to see our schools, our communities, and our city transformed by a generation who knows and creates beauty through music.

The organization will continue to pursue collaboration with local schools and community centers to offer both afterschool groups programs and private lessons for individual development.


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As we begin teaching private lessons this fall there are many ways to get involved.

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Financial resources are needed to create a scholarship fund for students who cannot afford the full cost of lessons, as well as to cover the administrative costs to begin and run a music school.

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If you have a location that you think could be well utilized by BAM for private lessons and small group ensembles, please contact us so we can talk about the space. We are interested in spaces near a school or place that youth congregate, accessible by public transit, and in a densely populated part of town.
Legal and accounting services are key to our young organization and its ongoing sustainability.
For some youth, obtaining an instrument is the first obstacle to overcome in learning music. If you have a instrument in your closet that hasn’t been played in years, we would love to put it to good use. Electric pianos, guitars and drums are in highest demand, but we are interested in all instruments.

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“Should we not be putting all our emphasis on reading, writing and math? The ‘back-tobasics curricula,’ while it has merit, ignores the most urgent void in our present system – absence of self-discipline. The arts, inspiring – indeed requiring – self-discipline, may be more ‘basic’ to our nation survival than traditional credit courses. Presently, we are spending 29 times more on science than on the arts, and the result so far is worldwide intellectual embarrassment.”

– Paul Harvey – syndicated radio show host


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“Some people think music education is a privilege, but I think it’s essential to being human.”

– Jewel – singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist